This last month I have been taking some time off, doing self-improvement, studying AngularJS, getting more familiar with GIT and .less. It is a fine time for front-end web development.

Learning AngularJS is pretty straight forward. If you about 12 years old you can sign up for the course at It is basically a video course that even has a theme song all about “directives” and “services.” Pretty dreadful really. The best way to get started is to go to, fire up Git and you are on your way. The process also introduced me to Bower, which is “package manager for the web.” Once you get use to Bower, it seems silly to do things the old fashion way.

Outside of computer stuff, during the last month, I painted the kitchen and the bathroom. I also went to the San Francisco dump with my 15-year-old daughter and got rid of a lot of useless stuff. The dump is down on tunnel road. Now I have space to enjoy a few empty shelves.

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