IE8 Unsupported

Outdated Browser

Ahem. I’m not going to lie, this is a little awkward. It’s like telling someone with acid washed jeans or puffy shoulder pads or overalls that times have changed and you have to change with them. Internet Explorer 8 is very old now. It’s time to update your browser and maybe try some skinny jeans and listen to some dubstep too. Who knows they might suit you.

Notice from Agency Website

How quickly the landscape changes in technology. From month to month things happen that we probably do not notice until they are common assumptions. Ten years ago Internet Explorer dominated the browser world. It was first taken over by Firefox and now Chrome. It seems pretty amazing that a company the size of Microsoft did not see this coming. I think in 2006, dominating the browser market was not as big a deal as it is today, simply because today the browser does so much more with extensions, tools and data tracking. If you live with a Gmail account and Google Drive, you are living in a world that Microsoft probably dreamed of dominating.

Another aspect of this browser story is the cost of maintaining support for the old IE browsers. While developers have a whole arsenal of tools to deal with old Internet Explorer browsers, most developers still run into projects for large companies where IE8 is the official company browser. The downstream cost for companies that move slowly in updating their technology is surely huge. Often these large companies outsource development and when developers have to support old browsers, it simply takes longer and in the end costs more. I understand that old systems (ERP, etc.) are sometimes only tested on old systems but forcing staff to live with just an IE8 browser seems a bit odd.