I have friends. We all have friends. Friends are good. When my musician friends come calling or start complaining about their websites, I like to lend a hand. I find making musician websites to be really fun. Cool photos. New design challenges. Music playlists.

Two such friends in San Francisco, from two very different musical genres, but about the same age, needed website upgrades. It is the usual story in a way. Both had ten year old sites that had these really “cool” beveled buttons and animated gifs flying across the screen. The colors were all “web safe” (dear lord, I am glad we are through with that) and of course you needed a magnify glass to read anything as the type was 11 point throughout. Forget about viewing these old sites on a phone.

Using the exact same theme, Musician Freelancer created by yours truly, I made these two sites with the existing content from the old sites.



jeannie and chuck

The theme is the Musician Freelance theme available on github.

Now I can always know where these great musician are playing around town. Do check out these great posters by Mississippi Mike.