With a strong understanding of typography and color, I enjoy creating work that is both pleasing to the eye, and easy to understand. I am also an expert at responsive design, making your website look great on a variety of devices.

Today you have done again what you have done for us once before; brought us a spectacular new tool that completely innovates how we do business here at Quest Diagnostics
John Meyerhofer, Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute | Manager, Pricing

My approach to web design actually comes from my work as calligrapher. For many years, in the nineties, I worked in San Francisco as a music copyist in the traditional medium before notation programs became the norm. I do not find it unusual that calligraphy was an important inspiration for Steve Jobs. With only a piece of paper, India ink and a pen you have to set down on paper, a message clearly to the user. This is, in essence what UI design is. How to make it so the user can easily understand the message and meaning of an interface and feel comfortable in making a decision. In my designs, I value clarity over flamboyance. Balance and consistency over clutter and chaos.

Thanks for the awesome site. I could not have done it without you. So, are we still on for the BBQ next Saturday?
Larry Raines, Querida, Inc.

I appreciate web design that is W3C compliant, is semantically correct and rarely utilizes effects and gimmicks, except for when they make sense in context of the aesthetic of the overall design. As a frontend developer, I enjoy the intersection of design and code, always using HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, javascript frameworks (JQuery, AngularJS), and not being overly concerned about antiquated browsers. Recently, I have been doing a lot of responsive design work using Bootstrap 3.0 and Ivory.

Of course, to see examples of my designs, go to Portfolio.